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Diyala Journal For Pure Science

Scientific Refereed Journal Published By College of Science - University of Diyala


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editorial board

General supervisor
Assist. proff. Dr. Tahseen H. Mubarak
Editorial Board
No Name Degree Scientific title  Editorial Board
1 Nabeel Ali Bakr Ph.D Professor Editor In Chief
2 Kareem Hussein Khwedim Ph.D Assistant Professor Managing Editor
3 Karim  H.  Hassan Ph.D Professor Member
4 Ziyad  T. Mustafa Ph.D Professor Member
5 Sabah  A. Salman Ph.D Professor Member
6  Mohammad K. Khudair  Ph.D Professor Member
8 Munther Hamza Rathi Ph.D Assistant Professor Member
9 Farid Jamali - Sheini Ph.D Professor Member
10 Ranjit R. Hawaldar Ph.D Professor Member
11 Naji M. Saheb M.Sc Assistant Professor Member


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