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Volume 13, Issue 1, Part 1 , January. 2017



Study the possible role of CMV and EBV infections to initiate high blood pressure in some groups of hypertensive Iraqi patients


Jasim M. Muhsin


Year: 2017, Volume: 13, Issue: 1, Part:1


Pages: 117-129, DOI: 


Language: English


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The main purposes of this study were to find out the possible correlation of CMV & EBV infections with high blood pressure initiation in some groups of hypertensive Iraqi patients, also to determine the relationship of between EBV & CMV infections with some clinico – pathological factors which were involved in this study. The present study was designed as a prospective research with (90) serum samples as (45) specimens from hypertensive patients (cases) and another (45) specimens from individuals with normal blood pressure (controls), collected from Baghdad teaching hospital & teaching laboratories \ Medical city \ Baghdad,  from the period of March (2015) to April (2015). All samples had been subjected into ELISA test for CMV IgG & EA EBV IgG detection in private laboratory , from the period of 1st – 8th of  April (2015). Statistically significant differences detected in the presence of IgG  to CMV (p = 0.006 ) and EBV-EA IgG (p= 0.01) regarding to the negative results of selected study groups. According to the history of heart diseases it was with high significant difference       (p= 0.000) regarding to the CMV IgG positive results comparing with the presence of  EA EBV IgG (p= 0.084). Interestingly, the positive results of CMV IgG & EA EBV IgG were associated with hypertension progression. Finally, the EBV & CMV infection maybe play a significant role in the increasing of the blood pressure as a suitable co-factors.


Key words : CMV,  EBV,  Hypertension.

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